Everyone has a story. We celebrate that.

TrueVoice is a podcast that explores the human journey and shares stories that feel familiar even when they are decades old. Our host takes listeners through an hour-long, unedited conversation that provides an authentic and introspective look into the lives of our guests.

The origins of campfire stories span the entire planet. Their importance as a vehicle to pass on culture and historical events can't be understated.

A study of ancient campfire stories in Botswana and Namibia showed that fire allowed people to extend the day and unleash their imaginations with stories. These stories also expanded their minds and helped solidify social networks.

When we sit down and talk with someone about their journey — the highs and the lows — we rediscover the common emotions and moments that propel us through life. These discussions also remind us that there's isn't much new under the sun. We embrace that. Our podcast is the modern campfire.

Our Audience

From our guests to our listeners, we seek out people who are drawn to the exploration of our collective and individual journeys. We specifically engage with amazing people over fifty years old. Why? Their history, their memories, their nostalgia. It's powerful. These are people like you — who definitely have a story to tell.

Season One — Equality & The Economy

Production of our first season is underway. We're already speaking with a fantastic set of guests that have shared their personal and professional experience around social inequality. It's a timely topic and the result is a series of conversations that are both entertaining and insightful as we navigate the economic and social inequality of today.

Contact Us

If you'd like to get in touch prior to our launch later this summer, we'd love to talk. You can reach out directly to show producer Bryan Nakambonde at hello@truevoice.com.