Rooted In Heritage 
(Season 02 / Episode 08)

Terri Gentry
Terri Gentry is a firm believer in the preservation of African American heritage. She has been a volunteering docent at the Black American West Museum in Denver, Colorado since completing her African American Studies program in 2008. Her deep understanding of the history of this area and her own ancestry shines through in this conversation.

The Conversation

Terri Gentry is a proud advocate of African American heritage which she mainly gets to do as a volunteer Docent at the Black American West Museum in Denver, Colorado. Terri has been instrumental to the success of this museum and has been working to connect children with their heritage by daring them to interview their grandparents.

At the museum, she gets to teach visitors about many unsung heroes, who, according to her, are just a few of the thousands of African Americans who have been fighting and paving ways for black America.

One of those icons is Dr. Justina Ford, the first licensed black Physician in Denver. Dr. Ford delivered about 7,000 babies (nicknamed the Ford babies) at a speculated rate of 1 to 3 babies a day. She impacted more lives than the babies she delivered as she saw just about anyone with any problem. Serving mostly African-Americans, immigrants, and poor whites.

Terriā€™s childhood was filled with a lot of different experiences that revolved around her grandparents and the pride of her heritage. Her fondest memories were learning how to dance, specifically ballet and African dance with her grandmother.

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