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Organizing Change 
(Season 1 / Episode 1)

Denise Perry
Denise Perry has been preparing and training leaders to dismantle racial injustice for almost a decade. While barely ten years old, Denise began her journey as an ‘organizer’ helping working-class Americans navigate deteriorating working conditions and attempts to dismantle labor unions that have been surging since the Reagan era.
The Boy From The Ditch 
(Season 1 / Episode 2)

Dennis Turner
In 1985, CBS brought national attention to a county in Mississippi, known as Sugar Ditch. The documentary exposed Tunica's Sugar Ditch as the poorest in the USA. We talk with Dennis about first beating the odds and becoming a successful, educated, motivational speaker and singer.
The Educated Mind & Body 
(Season 1 / Episode 3)

Ron Bond
Ron Bond grew up in Philadelphia during it's years as a thriving boomtown and manufacturing hub. We discuss him sharing a room with his six brothers as they grew up in Chester, PA. We also discuss a series of connected events that lead to his career in recreation management for the City of Philadelphia, FIFA and the University of Pennsylvania.
The Model Activist 
(Season 1 / Episode 4)

Bernyce Mills-Devaughn
Bernyce has lived a rich life. She's been a devout Christian and Muslim at different times in her life. From becoming a young mother, to model, and featuring in an Emmy-winning film — we talk about her life and zeal for fighting racial injustice and helping others.
A Bias For Action 
(Season 1 / Episode 5)

Bill Blount
Bill brought his military experience and personality to coporate American and became a voice to fight inequality in the workplace.
Lupus Awareness Part I 
(Season 1 / Episode 6)

Cheri Perron
Cherri was involved with civic engagement during high school where she met future politicians such as Bill Clinton. After graduating college and begininng her career she faced extreme fatigue and would be later diagnosed with lupus. She is now a friend to many and an advocate for herself and others living with lupus.
Lupus Awareness Part II 
(Season 1 / Episode 7)

Tonyelle Cook-Artis
Tonyelle Cook-Artis was diagnosed with lupus a few months before college. That didn't stop her from graduating, starting a family and building a career in politics and public service.
Regulating Medicine 
(Season 1 / Episode 8)

Dr. Jane Orient
Dr. Orient discusses her journey through medical school, her time at the VA and starting her own private medical practice. She's now the Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. The organization is leading a lawsuit against the federal Department of Health and Human Services for making it more difficult for physicians to prescribe hydroxychloroquine.
Creation Science 
(Season 1 / Episode 9)

Richard Faison
Richard has been helping build a a science-rooted church organization that has taken him across the globe. We disucss his personal and professional journey including being the last of nine children and being given up by his mother. He grew up with loving adoptive parents and — unknown at the time — a few minutes from his biological sister. Fascinating story.
Protecting Medical Professionals 
(Season 1 / Episode 10)

Dr. Jenny Vaughan
This discussion Dr. Jenny Vaughan centers on her efforts to fight for and protect medical professionals. It also serves as an inspirational journey for almost anyone as she has fought for others while also facing her own battle with cancer.
Saving Lives And His Own 
(Season 2 / Episode 1)

David Sellu
Mr. David Sellu is an author, equality advocate, and surgeon, who was accused and wrongfully imprisoned for a patient’s death. After three years, he successfully appealed his conviction. Our discussion covers his remarkable journey from Sierra Leone to the UK.
Running With Drums 
(Season 2 / Episode 2)

Doris Sissy
Growing up in Apartheid South Africa, Doris had brutal encounters with the police in a ‘whites-only’ town where she lived with her adoptive family and later her white boyfriend. Over the years Doris has conquered not only her challenges, but also helped others conquer their own.
Sculpting Our History 
(Season 2 / Episode 3)

Basil Watson
Basil Watson is a figurative clay sculptor who was selected to create a larger-than-life-size replica of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr for the city of Atlanta. His journey began in Jamaica in the 80s, where he set out to launch a successful art career in a newly independent country yearning for a post-colonial identity and culture.
Out Of The Past 
(Season 2 / Episode 4)

Marie Henderson
Marie Henderson and her husband are prime examples of the American Dream. They have been in business since the 60s, selling vinyl records. Marie wanted to become a nurse but dropped out of her program to work in factories, and later met her husband. The pair built a booming records shop business, which they still run to this day.
Undercover Change Agent 
(Season 2 / Episode 5)

Ted Golden
Ted Golden grew up in the projects in Jackson, Tennessee. Many years later, he served over ten years as an undercover agent for the DEA. From drug busts, shootouts, and tons of narcotics, he has many tales to tell.
Running The Streets To Redemption 
(Season 2 / Episode 6)

Phillip Dukes
Phillip Dukes is a pastor and the leader of a nonprofit called Operation Restore. Helping youth in a gang and gun violence infested community find better paths. When he was 13, Dukes began running the streets before returning to the Christian values his grandmother taught him.
Helping Mothers Grieve 
(Season 2 / Episode 7)

Angela Williams
Angela Williams recently received the 2020 National Crime Victims' Service Award from the Office for Victims of Crime. This award was in recognition of her helping more than 400 mothers who lost their loved ones to gun violence in Riviera Beach, FL. I talk to her about what it’s like helping so many grieve for the last 18 years.
Rooted In Heritage 
(Season 2 / Episode 8)

Terri Gentry
Terri Gentry is a firm believer in the preservation of African American heritage. She has been a volunteering docent at the Black American West Museum in Denver, Colorado since completing her African American Studies program in 2008. Her deep understanding of the history of this area and her own ancestry shines through in this conversation.
The 100-Mile Run 
(Season 2 / Episode 9)

Tara Simmons
Tara Simmons recently completed a 100-mile run from Albany to Beacon, NY. She grew up playing sports and even through college. But her three children inspired her in new and unique ways to push herself even further with her running. Our discussion reveals how much it can mean to cross the finish line.
Media For Good 
(Season 2 / Episode 10)

Dr. Kaye
Karsonya Wise Whitehead, better known as Dr.Kaye, holds a Ph.D. in culture, language, and literature. She is a professor and the radio show host of ‘Today with Dr. Kaye’. Karsonya spends her time guiding students and her listeners by challenging their worldview.


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